Sims3xD New Site Admin Justin

Hello Simmers,

I am glad to announce that Sims3xD is coming back strong with a new website admin. I will be taking over from now on. You might have experienced a language change, as the website is now going to be in English. It should automatically translate for you. Yannick has lost interest in Sims, so he lent the website over to me, and I am so excited to begin. You will probably notice some changes to the website, and hopefully you will like them. You will probably notice more house posts, specifically from me.

I am a 17 year old student with a specific interest in architecture, and that is why I love playing The Sims. Just because I am 17 doesn’t mean that I don’t have experience, as I have played pretty much all of the sims games starting with the original Sim City. I

I know that the majority of the website is probably from the Netherlands, as I am from the United States, specifically Chicago Illinois.

My Sims Profile:

My Sims 3 Houses Website:

If you have any questions, please comment below.




Over TS3 Houses

Hey, I am 17 years old and enjoy making houses on The Sims 3. I am the new admin for Sims3xD, and I am very excited! I write in English not Dutch, but I provided a translator widget.

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