De Sims 3 ook speelbaar op Windows 8!

Begin Augustus komt de aller nieuwste Windows uit, genaamd Windows 8, en er is hier al een Preview van te downloaden. WinMacSims3 op Youtube heeft een video geupload waar die dit laat zien!

Here is a video of The Sims 3 running on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

The Sims 3 does work on Windows 8 although EA has not added support for the OS. It runs but you need to run it in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode. This video shows The Sims 3 running without and with Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.

The Sims 3 Windows 8 results. (Without Compatibility Mode)
Main Menu: The game does load but you will receive 2 warnings. One says that the video card is recognized and the other shows unknown hardware. You will notice that the time is displayed in 24-hour format instead of 12-hour format.

Options: Every option is set to their min value or disabled. High Detail Lots is missing a slider and Max. Recording Time is blank. Most settings are not saved even if I clicked on the check. When a town is loaded, the days on the aging settings show 0 days.

Gameplay: The Sim’s age is filled up as if a Sim is ready to age. On Map View, the background turns black.

Create a Household: I had not encountered a glitch in CAS/CAH.

Windows 8 (With Compatibility Mode)
The game seems to run normally. Every option is set correctly and the time is displayed in 12-hour format. The Sims’ age bar is shown correctly and there is no black background in Map View. The game seems to run the same as it did when I ran it on Windows 7 Professional.

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