Nieuwe Na middernacht en Showtime huis opties in patch 1.36 en 2 nieuwe premium materialen

Velocitygrass op Modthesims heeft iets gevonden in patch 1.36, over nieuwe huizen opties. En ook een code van 2 aankomende premium materialen! 😀 Een vending machine en een ceremonial teaset!

Some info about what’s in the GameplayData.package:

The fix for the Showtime performers using Late Night lots appears to go even further:

  • Graveyards, Fishing Spots, and Beaches work as a park gig.
  • Pool, Gym, Library as well as Dive Bars work as Bistro Gigs (Coffeehouse is what it’s called in game I think).
  • Hangouts and the LN Dance Clubs work as Live Venue Gigs.
  • Art Gallery, LN Lounges, and the Horse Ranch work as Private Venue Gigs.

Tuning files for the Premium store items have been added to the package. There’s the existing ones and two unreleased:
 Vending Machine, which comes in flavors Candy, Health, and Drink and offers the interactions Buy to eat later, Restock, Kick, Buy to eat. Items has a chance to get stuck.
 A ceremonial tea set, which comes with a hidden skill.

Thanks SimsVIP

Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

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