Simcity Preview door BNBgaming

The most immediately striking aspect of the new game is its visual style. I must confess that it’s grown on me, and gradually so. The fashionable tiltshifted graphics courtesy of the new Glassbox engine emit an aura of quirky light-heartedness that originally put me off. I have, after all, enjoyed the company of muddy brown water pipes below a mathematical grid for the last twenty years. But, seeing it all in motion, with buildings plopping into space with satisfying thuds, the effect is beautiful – it’s like watching a model city whirr into life, nuclear power stations and all, and if there’s one thing that defines the SimCity series, it’s the sense of warmth and ambience. Maxis seems to have a struck a good middle ground between rig-taxing photorealism and sickly cute.


Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

Geplaatst op juni 8, 2012, in simcity, Simcity 5. Markeer de permalink als favoriet. Een reactie plaatsen.

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