Kotaku bevestigd: Simcity (5) is een ‘altijd online’ game

“This is a mutiplayer game,” producer Kip Katserelis at EA development studio Maxis said, explaining the requirement. Yes, they even consider single-player to be multiplayer. “we’re constantly tracking what you do… and then feeding that back to players.” They’re tracking who is polluting the most or who is playing better. They’re spawning challenges for players. They’re keeping everyone connected.

They’re basically, like Blizzard, saying their latest game in a series that used to not require an online connection now will, and they, like Blizzard, are saying that it’s fundamental to the way they want this new game played. If a gamer plays offline they would become out of synch with the game’s perpetual tracking of the cities that, combined, comprise the sense of this new Sim City as one grand inter-connected world.

Sorry if you were hoping to play this on an airplane without Internet.


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