De Sims 3 Katy Perry Pakt Uit: Skype chat verslag van Tickled Pink Sims

♥How long have you worked on the sims?
Joined the Sims 3 team Several years before the base game around 2006
♥How long has it taken to create this SP?
Approximately an average of 6 months to a year to coordinate
♥I know probably can’t say but is this a normal stuff pack and if not will we be getting a normal sp??
Officially it’s a stuff pack but it is a lot more plus venues they are giving it a special unofficial name ~ Mega Pack SimGuru Jenn also told me to look out for info the coming week for info and of course it was the release of Diesel sp
♥What are the new lot sizes?
She was pretty sure they were 20×30 & 30×20


Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

Geplaatst op mei 22, 2012, in Accessoires Pakketten, Katy Perry Pakt uit, sims 3 series. Markeer de permalink als favoriet. Een reactie plaatsen.

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