Niotso: Where I’ve been for April 2012

Fatbag heeft een leuk nieuwe bericht gemaakt over de UI, inlog schermen en load screen, en binnenkort is de eerste test op 7 mei.

I’ve been busy with two things: studying for my 5 AP tests (albeit calculus and computer science are gimmies) and preparing for my Google Summer of Code project—which was just accepted.

FileHandler now supports PNG, JPG, and BMP (24-bit uncompressed, 8-bit uncompressed, and RLE8) for images and WAV, MP3, XA, and UTK for sounds. The login screen has been 100% cloned up until the dialog. I know, not much. I’ve been stuck on attempting a simple fade-out with XAudio2. Sadly, under the API’s constraints, I’ll have to come back to that later. To get the cursor to be clipped within the window border, it needs to be drawn as a texture, so I need a cur parser, which won’t take me more than an hour. This and TGA will both output to BGRA32 (as opposed to BGR24), which means I have to add in the proper functionality to that on the client end. (FileHandler is all set up for that.)

FileHandler now only exports its public functions, so the DLL has shrunk down to 331kB.

This leads me into the UI subsystem. I will not get to participate much on this until after May 7th: the day of the chemistry test.

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