Sims Spellen en Huwelijk — Kotaku schreef een uitgebreid artikel

By the time the dev team reached The Sims 3, divorce and same-sex marriage had all become supported, and Sims’ daily moods could be more highly effected by the status of their relationships. An ugly SimDivorce can leave the split-up Sims, as well as their children, deeply distressed for a time.

But for all that Sims have detailed ways of behaving in any given situation, the value of their relationships and their marriages still exists only inasmuch as the player finds them valuable. Sometimes it’s nice to see a Sim live happily ever after… and sometimes it’s nice to watch them light their neighborhoods on fire from a badly-built barbecue. The Sims series is in many ways the ultimate “what if” sandbox, and destroying fake people’s fake marriages can be as entertaining for players as building them.


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