Sims 3 Blog door SimGuruTaterTot: Excitement from The Sims 3 Store Team

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It’s really funny and amazing to see The Sims 3 Store Team on the day of a launch. Everyone is literally sitting on the edge of their seats.  After the system is updated and the product is live everyone waits with bated breath to see what you think!

It’s so fun to see the honest glee and passion from the team.  We’re Sims players ourselves and even though we’re a company, in a way we’re also builders! We spend alot of time making, testing and preparing these objects and we REALLY want you to like them!
Today’s release is particularly fun. The Deep Fryer and Ice Cream Maker are going to serve up so much fun in your kitchen! Please Please feel free to post screenshots of the items, we eat that up!
Personally, I’m here at work when we release content so even *I* don’t get to play with it until I go home, so your screenshots are getting me through the day.
Most of all, don’t be afraid to say something that you don’t like. We’re always interested in feedback from you guys and when its bad we do honestly listen and try to do what we can to fix it. Please be nice about it, I mean we’re not robots here. LOL. Things can hurt our feelings too.
I know we can seem dodgy sometimes when we won’t answer questions but there are some things that we just can’t talk about and we’re hoping you’ll understand. But the entire team is committed to being more communicative with our users because you’re the reason why we’re here. 🙂
But really we do love the objects we put out in the store and ultimately we want you guys to love them too. I can’t wait to get this stuff!
Happy Frying!

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