Sixpack Script-Mod voor de Sims 3 Door Consort


What this mod does
This mod looks at a Sim’s weight, fitness and skill and calculates how defined the muscles should realistically appear. It then overwrites the “muscle definition” of the Sim. In other words it adjusts the slider that makes sixpacks appear or disappear. Yes, that’s the one you know from the Create-a-Sim screen.
It will do this occasionally and silently in the background, or when you click “Update Sixpack” on a Sim. Depending on your settings.

City Hall Options

Auto-Updates OFF/ACTIVE for Townies
When active, the mod occasionally checks all Sims in your town (except your household) and overwrites the muscle definition if necessary. Occasionally means: When they are working out or when their weight or fitness has changed.

Auto-Updates OFF/ACTIVE for your Household
Just like the option above, but for all Sims who live in your active household. Check intervals are slightly shorter

Menu Entries on Sims VISIBLE/HIDDEN
When visible, every Sim (Teen and older) gets the “Update Sixpack” menu item.

Sim Menu

Update Sixpack (Has to be switched on in the city hall menu)
Calculates and updates the definition for the clicked-on Sim once and for this moment. It also displays a cool notice with cryptic information in the top right corner.
Use this for manually updating the Sims of your choice.

The Formula:
I will post details about how the muscle definition is calculated here soon.
It might require fine tuning and i’m not sure if everyone will be happy with it 
I can tell you this much:
Athletic (or martial arts) skill is most important, second important is that your Sim isn’t too fat.

Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

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