The Sims Freeplay voor Android FAQ door EA Games

Heb je Problemen met het installeren van de Sims Freeplay op je Android platform? EA Games heeft er een handige FAQ van online gezet. Bij ons kun je hem in Meer lezen vinden.

Q: Why isn’t my device supported by the game?
A: Many EA titles push the boundaries of what mobile games can be. Unfortunately, this means we cannot support all devices in the market, especially older ones. Some newer devices also have limitations that prevent us from being able to deliver a satisfactory experience. Keep in mind that we are always working to make more of our games available for as many devices as possible – so check our website and your Android-supported app store for new EA games for your device.

Q: I’m running unofficial rooted firmware. Will this affect my experience?
A: Possibly. When running unofficial rooted firmware, you might install games that do not meet our standards of quality. Unofficial firmware may also have bugs which will affect the game. If your device is “rooted,” the security of data on your device might also be compromised. For the best playing experience (and to make your life a lot easier), we suggest using a retail device.

Q: I downloaded a game and now it wants to download more. What’s that about?
A: There are limits to how much can be downloaded upon installation. We strive to make games of the highest quality. This might require you to download additional resources so we can provide a greater game experience. To speed things up, we recommend downloading and installing games over a WiFi network. (NOTE: For all questions regarding data billing, please contact your carrier.)

Q: I downloaded a game, but the post-installation download is very slow or isn’t working. What’s going on?
A: Sometimes additional game assets are very large, and they may take time to download. If you’ve installed a game on an unsupported device, it’s likely to fail when connecting to our servers.

Q: My game seems jerky or unresponsive. Why is that?
A: We make every effort to ensure that our games run smoothly. Android supports multitasking. It’s quite possible that you have other apps running in the background, and this can impact the performance of your game. On your device, you can go to “Settings > Applications > Manage Applications” to remove applications, or Running Services to stop multiple applications from running at once.

Q: My game seems to crash a lot. Is there anything I can do about it?
A: Your device might be running out of memory. This can result from running too many applications in the background. On your device, you can go to “Settings > Applications > Manage Applications” to remove applications, or Running Services to stop multiple applications from running at once.

Q: My issue is not covered in the FAQs. Who can I contact?
A: Please visit, select ‘Talk to a Game Advisor’ and we can help you further.

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