The Sims Freeplay Huwelijks Tutorial door EA Games (THE SIMS FREEPLAY MARRIAGE TUTORIAL)

EA heeft een handige Tutorial over Huwelijk in The Sims Freeplay online gezet, bij ons kun je hem in meer lezen vinden

Q: I don’t see the “Marriage” option. How do I make my Sims get married in The Sims FreePlay?

A: In order for your Sims to get married, make sure you’re at least level 10, and progress through the goals until you reach the “Get Engaged” goal.

Q: I have the “Get Engaged Goal,” now what?

A: First, your Sims need to be in a romantic relationship with the status of “Partner.” After they become Partners, you can tap one of them to find the “Propose Marriage” option. You’ll then be prompted to buy a ring and propose. If the other Sim accepts – you will have completed the “Get Engaged” goal.

Q: My Sims marriage proposal keeps getting rejected.

A: The chances of your Sims accepting a marriage proposal depends on the value of the ring being offered. The more expensive the ring, the greater the change your Sim’s partner saying “yes”.

Q: My Sims are engaged, when will they become married?

A: Once your Sims are engaged, they must move in with each other. Then, simply have them “be romantic” until they reach the “married” status.

Q: What about babies? How can my Sims have a baby?

A: Once your Sims are married, you can purchase a crib for their home. Tap the crib to create a baby. Once ready, you’ll be able to tap the crib again to customize your new baby Sim.

Q: How do I get the baby bladder meter back up? Changing the baby’s diaper only improves its cleanliness.

A: There is no action to bring the baby’s bladder meter back up. When the bladder meter runs low, the baby will dirty its diaper. When this happens, its bladder meter will fill and their hygiene meter will go down. The user can then change the baby’s diaper to increase its hygiene meter.

Q: I’m unable to add a new baby.

A: To add a new baby, please buy a crib in Build Mode first. You’ll also need to level up to add a new Sim. If you’ve reached the maximum number of Sims for your level, you may remove one from the “Create-a-Sim” menu. Please also make sure you have 2 Sims married before you try to add a baby.

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