Simcity 5 Preview door IGN

Heel veel nieuwe info!

Many core gameplay concepts remain untouched, but how you get the information you need to make decisions has been entirely reworked. Kip Katsarelis, SimCity’s Lead Producer acknowledges that the previous games were really dense, and the wealth of information given to the player was hard to consume. To combat this Maxis has completely reworked how you get pertinent information. Yes, you still can view charts and graphs, but a lot of the data is conveyed in ways that take advantage of a player’s innate knowledge. For instance when you’re trying to figure out if your city has power, you can click a small power button on the screen and there’s an immediate graphical change. Instead of seeing your city with an array of symbols, you see through an intuitive colored lens, painting areas that aren’t getting power red and the ones that are green. You can quickly drag and drop in new power plants or connect areas to the grid with lines, watching how the colors rapidly alter to reflect your changes.


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