Simcity 5 Preview door G4TV

Ocean and his team went on by showing a traffic simulation, packing a simple road layout with numerous cars, enough to cause a traffic jam. Each car is both a working car and a statistical approximation object. It might sound obvious, but giving cars interior mapping gives a sense of volume that a non-3D model car would lack. This then led to an example of the importance of good road design and how it affects the circulation of a city. A fire in a building was triggered, (thanks to a Sim arsonist) which resulted in alerting a nearby fire truck. Unfortunately, it wasn’t close enough and was briefly held back from the scene by heavy traffic. And yes, people died, as evidenced by the flaming Sims running out of the building.

The depth of GlassBox also stretches to the modularity of buildings, that a school isn’t just a single structure and how the placement of structures adjacent to main building (eg. gym, lab, etc.) will affect the flow of foot traffic and efficiency. As corny as it sounds, Maxis clearly has a mission to ensure that users will only be limited to their…


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