Kotaku praat over Simcity 5

Last week, I headed out to Maxis’ headquarters in Emeryville, CA to get a first look at 2013′s PC-onlySimCity and to chat with some of the people making it. While the core of the game looked about how you would expect a modern SimCity game to look, both the extent of the multiplayer and the bouncy, physical-feeling level of detail both seem to set the game apart from its predecessors. Let’s start with multiplayer. It used to be when you would zoom out on your SimCitycity, you would eventually hit an edge. Each city could only be so big, and once you reached the edge of the map, that was pretty much it. No longer. As we already knew, SimCity will include persistent multiplayer. I got to take a look at it in action, and while I don’t know that it will fundamentally change the core SimCity experience, it does look pretty neat.


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