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Fame and fortune is something everyone aspires to (if you don’t, you are not human!) and the Sims are no different. Up to now they have been able to make a pretty penny, both for themselves and for EA. In the Nightlife expansion they were also able to gain celebrity status while out on the town, but it’s not been until Showtime that they truly became famous. They can now spread their fame outside of your enclosed little game. Let’s get this show on the road!

Showtime is the latest expansion for The Sims 3, focusing on your Sims being able to perform in front of a live audience. To start things off on your Sims walk to being a global celebrity we are introduced to a new town inspired by Hollywood. The town of Starlight Shores features a variety of venues where your Sim can perform their newfound talents to the masses. But the venues are snooty and your star rating will affect who can perform where.


BRON: Simsvip

Over yannick

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