info over de Carrières in de Sims Social

When players earn Career Points by pursuing their Career of choice, how will those be used?

Career Points are used within the career system itself. You need Career Points in order to complete a quest to be promoted to the next Career Level. Also, you can get double Career Points just for turning up to work on time. Imagine that in real life.

What can players expect from the quests and achievements in each Career track?

Completing the quests allows you to get promoted. When you get promoted you’ll unlock exclusive new rewards, outfits and skill items, like a pro grill for celebrity chefs, a draftsman table for artists or a microphone for the rock stars.

Aside from the “keeping up with the Joneses” factor, how else will Careers spur social play?

You can unlock new joint interactions that you can perform on a skill-related item when visiting a friend or inviting a friend over. For example, we can sing together on the microphone


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