The Sims freeplay update 2.0.0 voor iOS

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

DO YOU HEAR WEDDING BELLS? We do! You wanted it – you got it. Now’s the time to get married and make lots of babies…in The Sims Freeplay!

Don’t miss these new additions…

• Marriage & Moving-In – Build a relationship, buy a ring (make it a good one, so they’ll say yes), pop the question, and tie the knot.
• Babies – Once you’re married, it’s time to fill that empty nest. Just buy a crib and: goo goo ga ga!
• Musician Career – Build a studio and learn to Rock…with your Sims!
• Give ‘Em the Boot – You can now remove a Sim, and their house, from the game.
• Changed your mind? – Now you can cancel a Sim’s action, no problem.
• Stay Tuned – There are some special theme packs on the way – en route from Japan!

We hope your Sims families will live happily ever after…but make sure to change those diapers!


(Ik kon de Nederlandse pagina even niet vinden, excuses)

BRON: Sims.Mixei.Ru

Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

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