Niotso: The situation with SimAntics, and why IFF research has been rescheduled for later

Having actually felt the water from the waist down, I’ve decided to jump out of IFF chunk research, because cracking SimAntics is one of the biggest challenges we face, and that’s the infrastructure behind the entire IFF chunk structure. For the chunk formats that don’t make some sort of meta-reference to SimAntics which we can’t work out because we don’t quite understand SimAntics yet, all we get is say, a list of sound IDs (FWAV), or pie menu text strings, or other bits and pieces of information which, yeah, are important eventually, but serve no purpose and satisfy nobody until we have a client or actual SimAntics disassembler to make use of them.


Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

Geplaatst op maart 16, 2012, in (PC) The Sims Online, The Sims. Markeer de permalink als favoriet. Een reactie plaatsen.

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