Sims 3 Showtime — Prima Games: Life on the Stage

As a longtime Sims fan, I was excited for the opportunity to write the guide for the latest expansion pack, The Sims 3 Showtime. But I quickly discovered that being a fan of The Sims wasn’t enough; I needed to be an obsessive expert. In addition to mastering the new careers, I had to dive into the minutia that makes The Sims one of the most popular series of all-time. I soon found myself obsessing over the smallest of details. How much does a banana cost at the Market Basket grocery store?


Over yannick

Nederlandse Sims fan, game site eigenaar: Sims3 xD

Geplaatst op maart 3, 2012, in Showtime, sims 3 series, UITBREIDINGEN. Markeer de permalink als favoriet. Een reactie plaatsen.

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