PC World Interview met Will Wright over Hivemind

Game On: What are your thoughts on the success we’ve seen in the U.S. this year, with Major League Gaming and eSports attracting huge live crowds and streaming audiences?

Will Wright: Well, it’s something that’s actually been around for a while in countries like Korea, and we’re starting to get more gamer culture television programming on G4 and that kind of stuff. If you look at some of the game shows out there like Ninja Challenge. These things are looking more and more like games…even the pure television shows. We’ve obviously had this model for a long, long time in professional sports and we never really thought of gaming in that way. There’s always been a very big wall between gaming and sports. It’s taken a long time for people who started thinking of videogames as a spectator sport as opposed to something you often do personally. When you look at any of these major sports, it took decades for them to grow viewership and fans and formats and leagues and basically put the show biz in watching these things. I think videogames are recapitulating that in some sense.


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