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Sims 3 Lunar Lakes — Nu te koop

Transport to a World of Mysterious Surroundings in The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes


The Newest Digital Offering for The Sims 3 is Available This Week Across North America and Europe

Today, EA announces The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes is now available for digital download exclusively at The Sims 3 Store. Set on an intriguing new planet full of the eerie and unknown, The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes is one of the most unique and far-away worlds ever created for The Sims 3. Having settled on this foreign planet several generations ago after their spacecraft became disabled, Sims have been hard at work to establish a thriving society on Lunar Lakes. Now complete with fully functioning roads, schools, businesses and agriculture, Sims have settled into three areas of the world. The first location is a flat expanse of land called ‘spaceship plain’ built on the disabled spacecraft area.  The second area is a craterous colony where bohemian farmers live along the shores of freshwater lakes. The last locale is settled by a group of stragglers who inhabit the edge of society, pursuing their own creative dreams.

Players have the opportunity to explore the subterranean dwellings of Lunar Lakes and discover the mysteries that are waiting to be revealed on this planet. One of the prominent locations is the science lab, which has been built from the remnants of the crashed spacecraft. Many Sims work at the lab and have discovered a number of fascinating scientific findings about the planet. For one, the world is powered completely by alien crystals that are embedded into the planet’s rocks. Through excavation, Sims uncovered these crystals and the importance they bring to life in Lunar Lakes. Sims have also discovered the Tree of Prosperity – an exotic plant that bares fruit which give Sims bonus skills when eaten.

The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes enriches the story of The Sims3 by offering players new clothing, challenges, mysteries and stories. The Sims 3 Lunar Lak es requires The Sims 3 base game to play. To purchase The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes, please visit: http://store.thesims3.com/.  For more information on this game or any other of The Sims 3 games, visit:http://thesims3.com/home.html.


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Sims Social — Gratis Love x2!


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The sims Social — Paris Week!!

Het is echt zo, de Paris week is aan de gang in The sims social, wil jij alle questen, en alles weten enz. Volg dan The sims social fansite

Aankondiging livestream van Maxis nieuwste game in samenwerking met EA

Op 6 Maart wil Maxis hun nieuwste game in samenwerking met EA aan gaan kondigen, er komt een Livestream op 6 Maart. Heel waarschijnlijk is dit Simcity 5 of misschien wel De sims 4, we wachten het af, op Eurogamer staat ook de tijd, de tijd van de livestream 2am UK tijd op 6 Maart. Blijf ons volgen voor het laatste nieuws hier over.

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Het zou fijn zijn als iemand ander lands tijden kan omzetten naar het Nederlands

Sims Freeplay voor Android Trailer!

Pre-Order! De Digitale Showtime Prima Guide!

Pre-Order de digitale versie van de Sims 3 showtime Prima guide


  • Het is een E-Guide, dus geen guide voor in je handen.
  • Ik geloof dat je hem ook wel op een E-Reader of Ipad kan zetten, en hem dan lezen.

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Sims 3 Lunar lakes — 4 Nieuwe screenshots

Pic 1: This is the Sekemoto family. A young family of geniuses living on the edges of society. They have a new baby that’s proving to be extremely gifted! Will the child turn follow in his scientific parent’s footsteps or explore his virtuoso trait on this expansive world?

Pic 2: Sims maxin’ and relaxin’ by the pool. The water is never so crisp as it is in Lunar Lakes. Pure, blue,and pollution free! (Remember what the water looked like in Bridgeport? Yuck.)

Pic 3: A close look at Perigree. The scientific rabbithole based around the crashed spaceship. You can see here how they’ve gutted the inside of the ship to create their scientific community. At night you can see a sunset in the background as the perigree starts to light up. People work late in the scientific community, you know!

Pic 4: A better look at the outside of Perigree. If you look closely you’ll see that the perigree didn’t crash nose down, it crashed nose UP! Can you imagine how hard it must have been to pull that off? I’d hate to be the person at the back of the plane!

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Sims 3 lunar lakes — Straat lamp Concept art

SimGuruSarah heeft deze concept art gepost

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Sims 3 Community Blog – Lunar Lakes


Stranded on a foreign world after their spaceship became disabled, these intrepid Sims have utilized homeworld technology and foreign planet crystal tech to survive at the edge of space. Several generations after arriving on the planet, the Sims have established a thriving colony, complete with roads, transportation, schools, businesses and agriculture.


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Sims 3 showtime — Mannen kleding Concept Art’s

SimguruBritt heeft deze mooie foto’s gepost


Sims 3 Showtime — Zaken Rabbit Hole Screen!

Onze favoriet SimGuruMegan heeft deze mooie foto gepost op twitter.

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